Paseo Unveiling Ceremony

One of four artworks I have been working on in Shigaraki since last year has been installed in the shopping mall at the Sapporo JR Station. This artwork is made of terra-cotta, and the accentuated 103 vertical lines represent trees.

The title is “Terminus Forest” and the size is 118″ height x 709″ width. The unveiling ceremony was held on April 29, 2011. I also designed the underground public square and passage walls. All artwork will be completedin October 2011.

Bibliographic by Jason Godfrey

Bibliographic: 100 Classic Graphic Design Books that is the compilation of the best design books of the last 100 years has been published in London. Igarashi Alphabets, published by ABC verlag, is included in this book.

Bibliographic is available on
Igarashi Alphabets is available on designshop

The white terra-cotta relief

The huge white terra-cotta relief that Igarashi has been working in Shigaraki is now complete. This artwork will be installed at the ‘kazenobi’ museum which is renovated from a closed elementary school building.

The museum will open to the public in Spring/early Summer, 2011, in Hokkaido, Japan.